Monaco Ocean Week

On the occasion of the Monaco Ocean Week, which took place from the 24th to the 30th of March 2023, the artist Paola Buratto Caovilla, co-founder of the luxury footwear company René Caovilla, presented her work of art No More Time –Oceans are Life”. The installation, a globe made of resin and acrylic paint representing the planet, was exhibited in the Gardens of H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation, in Monaco.

Their Royal Highnesses Princesses Maria Chiara and Maria Carolina of Bourbon Two Sicilies, appointed as the advocates of this initiative, which isin line with their humanitarian commitment, participated at this important event. On this occasionPrincess Maria Chiara, inspired by the message conveyed by the artist Caovilla, took the floor and gave aspeech to all participants.

You will find below Princess Maria Chiara’s speech.

“Your Serene Highness,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all I would like to expressmy congratulations to the artist Paola Burrato Caovilla for having placed here, in the Gardens of the Prince Albert II Foundation, her magnificent sculpture named “No More Time –Oceans are Life “. I am deeply honoured of being appointed as the advocate of this initiative and it is a privilege to be present at this event.

Today it is time of celebrating the beauty of our ocean and the deep connection that have always existed between mankind and sea. Furthermore,itis time of realizing that its protection is one of the biggest challenges of our times.

According to statistics, if we do not act now, by 2048, when I will just turn 43 years old, a complete collapse of ocean life will occur!

In my opinion, one of the greatest threats of our times is the belief that someone else will save the Earth, but the truth is that the responsibility lies with each one of us. Governments cannot be left alone in the fight against pollution. They need to rely on us, on our choices and our constant will, perfectly represented through this special initiative.

I hope that my presence at this significantevent, can above all encourage young people to finally act against the degradation of our planet. Social networks and media have become an essential tool in order to spread this message all over the globe.It is time of using this collective power tomake the difference.

I am proud of conveying thismessage at the Monaco Ocean Week: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.Nothing is impossible because any single action counts in changing the course of history and in protecting our planet, our common home.

Your Serene Highness, thank you for everything you have done throughyour foundation, it is extraordinary. Thank you, dear Paola, for such a beautiful initiative, and thank you all for your attention.