The protection of biodiversity

In order to improve the management effectiveness of marine protected area in the Mediterranean and in the Indian Ocean, Princess Camilla of Bourbon Charitable Foundation has provided sustainable funding for marine biodiversity conservation. The Foundation’s projects pursue a responsible investment policy that responds to the challenges of a new, more sustainable economy around the Mediterranean basin and in the Indian Ocean.
This constant dedication has allowed the creation of a tool for the conservation of biodiversity and marine ecosystems that improves the livelihoods of local populations.
Faced with the urgency to define more ambitious goals for biodiversity, our aim is to strengthen our commitment to fight against the decline in biodiversity.
“Projects like ours – stated H.R.H. Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies – can be at the forefront of implementing global biodiversity and climate agreements, and have a key role in linking planetary health with the health of society. Today, they are ideal projects to allocate resources where they are most needed for conservation, in support of new national and global goals to manage biodiversity and support sustainable livelihoods.”
Her Royal Highness eventually added: “I also wish to bring together more than a thousand people around the discussion of the role that conservation trust funds play in guaranteeing financial sustainability in order to meet global ecosystem protection challenges”.