Camilla Crociani Entrepreneur and Manager

Princess Camilla, in addition of focusing on several philanthropic activities, is also very active from a business point of view. For many years she has devoted her energies to the development and strengthening of the company Vitrociset (a jewel of technology, owned by her family for a long time), initially directing a particular interest and means to the activity of the space segment.

Later on, Princess Camilla accompanied the development and diversification of the company; in this sense, after selling to ENAV a branch of the company dedicated to air traffic control, with conviction, rather than resorting to a reduction in activities and volumes, she wanted to develop -through the complex acquisition of EDA– the activities related to computer science, information technology, in the Civil, Police and Public Administration fields.

This has placed Vitrociset at the forefront in sectors that have subsequently developed considerably and that today are extremely sensitive and important due to their connection with national security.

Camilla Crociani (Princess Camilla‘s maiden name), on the one hand, contributed to significantly strengthen the company’s presence in international markets, and on the other hand she promoted the development of know-how in the so-called “intelligent logistics” in the different sectors Vitrociset operates in.

With foresight, realizing that the sectors in which this “little technological jewel” operated had become and are increasingly sectors in which large global players operate and that investments in research and development are increasingly relevant and only within the reach of very large conglomerates, she reluctantly decided to sell the company.

As a result of a complex sales process, Vitrociset finally found its destination in the Leonardo group, which, in addition of having the necessary dimensions to be able to make the necessary investments to continue being at the forefront in the leading sectors in which Vitrociset operates, has allowed not to disperse the know-how and the high level of professionalism that have been growing within Vitrociset in 25 years, but, on the contrary, has allowed to exploit them within a large and global group such as Leonardo.