Action Innocence Monaco

Princess Camilla is one of the members of the Association “Action Innocence Monaco”( that is a non-profit organization. Its resources come from the contributions of its active members and benefactors, from donations as well as funds collected during events. Its objectives are:

  • To inform and create awareness in youngsters, parents, health and education professionals, and institutions, on the risks and abuses linked to the use of internet
  • To promote a secure practice of internet with its prevention sessions;
  • To transmit and share its experience and expertise;
  • To fight child crime on Internet.

In 2017, with the event “Les Sapins d’Action Innocence Monaco”, Princess Camilla donated a wonderful Christmas tree with all gastronomic specialities of the south of Italy, the trees were sold at auction.

Action Innocence Monaco Prince Carlo and Princess Camilla
Action Innocence Monaco Princess Maria Carolina and Princess Maria Chiara
Action Innocence Monaco Princess Camilla and Princess Maria Carolina
Prince Carlo, Princess Camilla and Princesses Maria Carolina and Maria Chiara of Bourbon Two Sicilies at the Christmas event “Les Sapins d’Action Innocence Monaco”